Our Impact

Our de-carbonisation plan

We want to lead the way in decarbonising the taxi industry so we’ve set up in business to help save our planet.

  • Our vision is to bring sustainability to taxi travel to preserve the planet for future generations.
  • Our mission is to fill the millions of empty seats on the road to create an efficient, smarter, large-scale and sustainable transport network.
  • Our ambition is to become the go-to marketplace for sustainable road transport and transform taxi travel worldwide to become carbon negative.
The greentaxi forest
Greentaxi curve

Our long term impact plan

Our long-term plan is to purchase extensive land to create the Greentaxi Forest and undertake our own reforestation to match emissions generated by our service. The benefits of this are that we are caretakers of ensuring the carbon is removed on a long-term basis.

In the interim we’ll double remove all carbon generated from journeys booked via our website using interim carbon-removal partners until the Greentaxi Forest starts sequestering carbon. These will be gold-standard Verified Carbon Standard projects that are beneficial to biodiversity and local communities and are additional, certified and verifiable.


The facts about climate change

Carbon removal by carbon-negative actions is critical to counteract the catastrophic effects of climate change. Humankind should be aiming to limit the increase in global average temperatures to 1.5°C above pre-industrial level. This means cutting global annual CO₂ emissions from about 40 gigatons a year as of 2018, to net zero by 2050. To accomplish this, the world will likely need to both radically reduce the new emissions we put into the air and remove carbon already in the atmosphere. By using 50% of profits to plant trees in the UK, Greentaxi ensures your ride is not just offset but becomes carbon negative … actually making things a little bit better.

Setting off to explore the world? Join the Greentaxi revolution.

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