Drive for Greentaxi

Slot more bookings into your schedule and wave goodbye to empty journeys.

Make every journey count

We know that competition is tough, and that wasting fuel, wages and wear and tear on empty journeys is incredibly frustrating. Greentaxi changes that – we use our unique algorithm, Artificial Intelligence and data to drive targeted marketing of your void periods and empty legs.

We work in addition to your standard booking channels to do two things: help you fill the outbound/return journeys of bookings you’re already taking, and offer you bookings for void time you cannot find jobs to fill.

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Would you like more work?

At Greentaxi we’re looking for taxi providers who work to the highest standards, want to grow their business and have some spare capacity. If that’s you, we want to hear from you.

Can you afford to drive empty? Seize the day!

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