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Matthew Matthew - Founder, Greentaxi News, Safety | 25th May 2021

More than one million people download NHS App for Covid-19 passport

More than one million people have downloaded the NHS App since Covid-19 passports were launched on the service.

The app now has 4.8 million registered users, of which 1.3m are new users of the app since transport secretary Grant Shapps announced it would be used for Covid-19 passports on May 7 

This vaccine passport allows people to prove their vaccination status if required for international travel and also provides a function that allows you to check your vaccines record including how many doses have been administered as well as what jab was given.

Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, said:

The strides in technology and innovation we’ve made throughout the pandemic are having real consequences beyond fighting this virus – they’re making treatment, diagnosis and care better for patients.

I want to thank all my colleagues at NHSX and NHS Digital who helped us to deliver the COVID -19 vaccine status service so quickly. The pace we’ve brought this to fruition is unparalleled and it is bringing immediate benefits to our wider health service. I encourage everyone to download the NHS App, it will help you access a host of services.

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