About Our Service

How It Works

Independent local taxi operators send us an inventory of “empty” journeys their taxis are due to make. When you search for a ride, we match it to our “empty” list to find a journey that fits your plans.

If we don't have an “empty” taxi available, you choose another of our standard, hybrid or fully electric vehicles – and we still donate up to 50% of our profits to plant trees so that your ride becomes carbon negative.


5 ways we keep you safe

  1. Operators must sign up and adhere rigorously to our stringent safety and quality standards.
  2. You can add special requests such as preferring a female driver, child car seats, Meet & Greet etc. to your booking.
  3. You can contact your driver via the website if you have any questions or further requests.
  4. We only work with operators we know truly care – so you feel welcome, safe and secure.
  5. Every trip is covered by the Greentaxi passenger refund policy. It covers many travel issues and we’ll rebook or refund you if any arise.

To keep our community safe and trusted, we’ve published our expectations for all operators and travellers.